Amateur Radio Certificate Authentication Test Page

Oops, your web browser did not provide a supported amateur radio certificate.

To obtain access to exclusive Amateur Radio services at web sites and systems supporting Amateur Radio Certificate Authentication you'll need to obtain an Amateur Radio Certificate from one of the trusted Certificate Authorities and then install it in your web browser or application.

Currently, the following Certificate Authorities are trusted by this testing service:

  • ARRL Logbook of the World (LoTW)

Additional Certificate Authorities will be added to the list as they become available. The authority will be required to properly validate the license status of the users, on a level comparable to the LoTW checks. They also have to provide a properly maintained Certificate Revocation List for the purpose of revoking certificates which have accidentally been issued to non-amateur users, or when the private key has been leaked or lost by the user, or when the license of the amateur radio operator expires.

Many amateur radio related web sites and Internet services need to make sure that you, an Internet user, are a licensed amateur radio operator. This is specifically necessary when a service lets you initiate radio frequency transmissions on amateur bands. It would be a huge task for each and every site to separately validate the license documents of each site visitor. It'd also be a lot of work for you to provide the documentation to each site, over and over again.

Instead, you may provide the documentation once to a single organisation acting as a Certificate Authority, which will inspect the documents and then issue you a digital certificate. The certificate is installed in your web browser (or an amateur radio specific application), which will then automatically provide it to the services. The browser may ask you to choose which certificate to give to a site, or ask for permission to use a certificate at the site.

The following sites support Amateur Radio Certificate Authentication:

  • ...

The following sites are planning to support Amateur Radio Certificate Authentication:

Want to use Amateur Radio Certificates on your site?

It's easy. The Apache configuration and PHP scripts for this site are available for viewing and downloading on github.

TODO: installation instructions per os/browser, with autodetect.